Our Vision

At Uni Buzz ltd we run the education & training service and admission process for the potential students who would like to pursue higher education for a bright future and establish well in their professional career.

Our job is to collect all the data related to student past education, listen about their future plans, what they would like to do for their career, their inspirations and suggest them a course which fits their bespoke needs. But we always priorities their wish and motivation while selecting a course.

We allow them to decide which we wish would turn out to be the best decision in their life. We then coordinate with student and admission team to arrange all the paperwork’s orderly which show their merit & potential and they can have a smooth admission process to their desired course.

Among all these steps we always maintain our professionalism and hold our belief that our students and partners got the very best service they expect from us.

The core principles on which Unibuzz Limited operates include:

  • Provide quality education at an affordable price;
  • Seek accreditation from the relevant statutory bodies and awarding bodies and work towards developing links and partnerships with other institutions of learning;
  • Recruit qualified teaching and administrative staff;
  • Satisfy the needs of the awarding bodies;
  • Anticipate, understand, and respond to the functional needs of the students in the field of education;
  • Be fully aware of any updates of the duties as a sponsoring student and be fully compliant with UKBA & QAA regulations;
  • Monitor constantly the quality of services offered.


We are committed to be fair, open and honest with everybody. We offer impartial, straightforward advice and we do not promise more than we can deliver.


We hold academic and professional accreditations where appropriate, we offer an unmatched range of understanding of Visa processing and its requirements.


We advise on what our team can deliver. We communicate regularly and plainly with our students and each other to set realistic expectations.